ATL Engineering Services
Archie Mathison Sr
   cell (573) 819-9626

We can evaluate your current operation and customize production to help in reducing your inventory, and optimize profitability for your company, while maintaining customer product availability with the minimal amount of time.

We can design the Equipment or Systems, create BOM (Bill of Materials) for Modular Components, Component Part Specifications, and other requirements for our Customers to order these Modular Kits. Customer can then finish attaching and assembling components to get desired finished project.

We can arrange a visit at your facility to work up a contract for your project.  These fee's can be deducted from Engineering Services Fees once project has been released for Design. 

Engineering Contracts can be setup to be paid weekly with long term contracts.

A brief Summary of Products and Service include, but not limited to:

Industries: Foam Molding, Woodworking Industry, Casting Industry, Injection Molding - Plastic or Metal, DieCasting, Investment Casting Industry, Metal Industry, Replicast Process, Plaster Process, Permanent Mold, Factory Assembly Plants & others to name a few.

Controls and Controls Retrofits for existing equipment and new.  Contact us for more information on Automating Your Factory



Cell Automation - Pick & Place for Parts

Installation - Training & support